How to Spend the Day Not Writing

  1. Make coffee and stare out the window while you drink it.
  2. Sigh a few times.
  3. Sit down at your desk and decide that yes, today you must sort through all of your papers in the drawers and file cabinet. This will take several hours. You will justify this by saying you can’t think straight when you are surrounded by clutter.
  4. Realize you are hungry and go out to a coffee shop. Tell yourself that you can’t do any serious writing when surrounded by other people and noise.
  5. Return home and pick up a book to read. The muse never comes to visit in the afternoon.
  6. Sit down at your computer. Check email and the blogs you like to read. Read blogs by writers and feel guilty that you haven’t written.
  7. Close down the email and Internet browser. Open a blank word processor document. Stare at the blank screen for awhile.
  8. The cat sits at your feet demanding attention. You give it.
  9. Make a cup of tea.
  10. Sigh a few times.
  11. Start writing an outline of the novel you want to write. This is writing, right?
  12. It is now past your bed time and you have to work tomorrow. Switch off the computer and go to bed, vowing to do better tomorrow.

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