Flower Buds and New Beginnings

Flower Bud

The forecast called for thunder showers today, and though the sky was dark all day, the rain held off. After spending the morning nursing a headache, I grabbed my camera and headed down to the waterfront. Along the way, I stopped in a small park and snapped a few pictures of the flowers. I also took pictures at the new Sherbourne Commons. The new park has an interesting water feature that also serves as a water filtration system – the first of its kind in Canada.

The picture of the flower bud above is somewhat symbolic. Yesterday, I spent much of the day cleaning out a closet and carting stuff to the garbage or donation bin. I’m clearing space in my apartment – and my life – to make room for a new beginning.

A year and a half ago, I was between jobs and contemplated striking out on my own – focusing on my writing and doing freelance projects. But the prospect of not having a regular pay cheque and benefits was frightening. I think I was also scared of the idea of not being defined by my job title; I still needed external validation to feel like I was doing something useful. Now, I’m giving up my job and benefits and I’m okay with it. I know now that I must pursue my dreams because I can no longer be happy when my work and identity is defined by someone else.

Water Curtain


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