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Five Things Friday: Inspiration

Writing is not self-confidence. It’s skill and talent and intelligence.

~ Porter Anderson

1. Curing Author Ignorance: Porter Anderson Talks Publishing Trends, Intelligent Writing & Editing’s Secret.

2. Nobody tells beginners – Ira Glass on Storytelling. So inspiring!

3. The New French Hacker Underground – This doesn’t have anything to do with writing. Instead, it is about a group of artist-hackers that break into Paris’s lost treasures to restore them.

4. Need motivation to start or keep writing? Here are 9 tips.

5. Did you know that even after T. S. Eliot published his most famous works, Prufrock and The Waste Land, that he continued to hold down his day job at at bank? It’s true.

Five Things Friday: Paper vs. Digital

The debate about paper books versus digital books continues. In my post earlier this week, I thought that the argument is rather moot. I don’t think it is necessarily a case of one over the other. Personally, I use my iPad to read ebooks or or content that is exclusively online and still have a sizeable paper library of fiction and non-fiction books – still my favourite way to really enjoy thought-provoking works.

1. The Power of Paper in a Digital Era – Scholars have learned so much about writer’s through their collected papers and you have to wonder what will be lost when writers only work in digital, not keeping each draft of a work.

2. Going West by Maurice Gee – another fabulous book trailer/video produced by the New Zealand Book Council for a book originally published in 1994 (found via

3. An hilarious cartoon about the future library.

4. It’s a Book by Lane Smith – another funny book trailer that celebrates the magic of paper books.

5. Love Downton Abbey (PBS) but want to read novels set during the same time period? Russell Smith provides several excellent options, including The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. The movie is also excellent.

I want it to feel…

Danielle LaPorte has launched The Burning Question series over on her blog and she is inviting others to answer the question – “How do you want it all to feel?” Here is my response:

I want my writing to flow softly from my pen like a black velvet ribbon that wraps itself gently around the reader.

I want my mind to feel like a calm lake.

I want my ideas to feel like that burst you get from biting into a Starburst candy.

I want my friendships to feel like a mug of hot cocoa.

I want my love to feel like the purr of my cat.

How do you want it to feel?